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Shore Scents is a unique experience for your mind and body.  Use any of our pure essential oils by themselves, or mix as many as you want to make your own signature scent. 

Sweet, Citrus or Fruity Scents

Pina Colada – A wonderful mixture of pineapple and coconut.  Close your eyes and be whisked away to a tropical island.
Mulberry – A very sweet and fruity smell with a hint of berries.
Hawaiian Tropics – Very  sweet, and may remind you of Juicy Fruit gum!
Green Apple – Clean, fresh and smells just like apples.  You just might crave a slice of apple pie or an apple martini!
Honeydew Melon – Refreshing and sweet.
Pomegranate – Sweet and fruity, a great mixer.
Cucumber Melon – Sweet, fruity and fresh.
Watermelon – Smells just like fresh watermelon.  You may get ready for a BBQ.
Mango – Get ready for a sweet escape.  Mango is great with coconut and vanilla, or try it with any other fruit or floral scent.
Pear Glace – Fruity and sweet with after notes of freshness.
Pink Sugar – Very sweet, similar to cotton candy.  After this you may be ready for a trip to the boardwalk!

Fresh and Clean Scents

Wedding Day – Fresh, clean and powdery.
Lemongrass – A spring lemon scent.  Very fresh.
Green Tea Cucumber – Wonderfully clean and fresh.
Jasmine – A classic clean.  Fresh with an after note of powder.
China Rain – Clean and sophisticated.
Japanese Cherry Blossom – Clean, warm and powdery.
Patchouli – A heavy, spicy, clean scent.
Cotton Blossom – Like fresh spring linens just brought in from the line.  A great mixer.
Bergamot – Clean and citrusy.  Mixes especially well with lavender.

Musk is a Must!

Be daring and mix musk with a citrus or floral scent.

African Musk – Clean and soft.
Summer Rain – A personal favorite for its clean, crisp notes.
China Musk – A classic 70’s musk.  Slightly powdery and light.
Green Tea – Powdery and light.  A great mixer.
Egyptian Musk – Clean, soft and light.

Spa Scents

Lavender Citrus – All the relaxing qualities of lavender, with a clean citrus twist.
Eucalyptus Spearmint – Earthy with the freshness of spearmint.
Patchouli Lavender – All the spice that patchouli offers, with the stress relief of lavender.  This scent stands on its own, no mixing needed.
Lavender – A classic soft, clean and fresh scent that mixes well with vanilla.

Earthy Scents

Sandalwood – Rich and earthy.
Tuberose – Spicy, earthy with after notes of rose.
Azelea – Fruity yet earthy.

Floral Scents

Lilly of the Valley – Resembles a bouquet of spring flowers.
Peaceful – Fresh, powdery and resembles the classic scent Jeanette.
Birds of Paradise – Resembles a big Easter bouquet with lilac, lilies and hyacinths.
Tulip – Spicy and floral.
Rose – Smells just like the first beautiful sweet bouquet you received.
Gardenia – Sweet, fresh and a tad heavy.  To alleviate the heaviness mix with a scent like vanilla.

Powder Scents

Sea Breeze – Light and powdery.
Ombro Rose – Know for their popularity in Ombro, Italy; this rose has a beautiful earthy yet powdery after scent.

Summer Scents

Honeysuckle – The classic sweetness of summer.  After smelling honeysuckle close your eyes and picture yourself on your pink Huffy bike without a care in the world.  Mixes well with bergamot and lemongrass.
Golden Goddess – Allow yourself to find your inner summer goddess with this summer/spring clean scent.
Coconut Lime Verbena – This scent takes you back to a time when you were able to use tanning oil and not burn.  Allow coconut lime verbena to take you to the beach even after vacation.

Fall Scents

Black Cashmere – Wonderfully fabulous!
Paloma Picasso – A designer scent and one of my personal favorites.  Paloma is very sophisticated, spicy and very sexy.

Scents That Need No Description

Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coconut

Designer Scents

Chanel 5 – Classic old Hollywood never loses its luster.
Lovely – A clean musk, a little on the heavier side.  By SJP.
Marc Jacobs – The perfect summer/spring scent with notes of gardenia.
Glow – A sweet light summer musk.  By J-Lo.
Anais Anais – Allow this 80’s floral scent to take you back.  I love Jake Ryan!

Basic Blend


  • 1 Roll On Fragrance
  • 4 oz. Body Lotion
  • 4 oz. Bath Gel


Deluxe Blend


  • 1 Roll On Fragrance
  • 8 oz. Body Lotion
  • 8 oz. Bath Gel


A La Carte Prices

4 oz. Bath Gel or Body Lotion: $6.00
8 oz. Bath Gel or Body Lotion: $12.00
Roll On Fragrance: $17.00

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